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How to Make Mkate wa Mayai (swahili sponge cake)

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13 Responses to “How to Make Mkate wa Mayai (swahili sponge cake)”

  1. qarahiyo says:

    Je matokeo ni sawa kama sina machine pia?

  2. Nadia hassan says:

    thank u for this, was really looking for this recipe. God Bless u

  3. noora meer says:


  4. Nuru Mohammed says:

    Shukran for the recipe .. Always looking for video finally found it..

  5. heythereimsalma says:

    looks so yammy!!!!!!!! mashallaah

  6. nadon044 says:

    12 بيضه يا مجرمه ليش عندك زياده

  7. dallasebony says:

    i love your videos

  8. Sheikha Agil says:


  9. Sheikha Agil says:

    I already have a video for mkate wa ufuta. Thank you.

  10. Sheikha Agil says:

    ameen and u r welcome

  11. Princekhalifa95 says:

    thank you so much .. i have just seen it . x

  12. Leila Steed says:

    Thank you so much for posting all the recipes from my childhood. Look
    forward to seeing more! L.x

  13. MsSigma0123 says:

    Nice videos jazaki Allah kheir , try not to add music

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